Islamic Arts College (Wafiyya)

Understanding the need for empowering women’s education, VBY management paved way for the wafiyya college, with first class infrastructures situated near to the campus . The college which is affiliated to the co-ordination of Islamic colleges (CIC)-an academic governing body in Kerala, offers “wafiyya course” provided by CIC.

Keeping the vision of CIC in mind, Bafakhy wafiyya college tries to wed Islamic education with secular studies, imparting the well designed academic programme including the family education to the students. The programme combines two years preparatory and three years under graduate courses in Islamic studies and a bachelor’s degree in a secular discipline recognized by the University Grand Commission (UGC). Girls who successfully completed their SSLC are admitted to wafiyya course through a centralized entrance examination conducted by CIC.

Currently more than 100 students from various part of the state are tasting the fruit of this prestigious educational system in Bafaky Wafiyya College.

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