Our institution, Bafakhy Yatheem Khana, established four decades ago in the name of late Sayyid Abdu Rahman Bafakhy and under the leadership of my father PMSA Pookoya and Chappanangadi Bappu Musliyaar, has been undertaking unparalleled educational, spiritual and social services for the society. It’s one of the rarest institutions which could bring material courses like LKG, UKG, Higher Secondary, Secondary, ITI and Bed and religious studies starting from Madrasa system spanning around prestigious Wafy and Wafiyya courses under the same umbrella.

From the initial stages, when Chappanangadi Usthad decided to establish Bafakhy orphanage, onwards, my father has extended constant support for him. I don’t consider his monetary contributions as a perchance of the last moments of their hearty relationship.

Depending on the instructions of the late Bappu Musliyar, no receiver is appointed, not any foreign contribution is accepted here and no more advertising campaigns are seen as a method of flaunting and showing off ourselves. The very words of Bappu Musliyar “Whatever is needed here, will reach us for sure” is still remains as a miracle and silencing truth.

This institution is a solid proof for the truth that well-wishers, benevolent people and local NRIs have welcomed this institution whole-heartedly and spent whatever needed for the sublime survival of this institution.

More than 12000 students are pursuing education here from different institutions and more than 600 employers are working sincerely for this institution. I request you to realize the splendid dissemination of knowledge propagated by this institution and the service it undertakes in the social and spiritual realms of Kerala society and come forward to do your part in this mission. May Allah, Almighty accept our good deeds and bless us with all kinds of success here and hereafter…