Valavannur Bafakhy Yatheem Khana is a unique charitable institution. lt was established in 1974 by Tirur Taluk Sunni Orphanage Committee to commemorate the glorious contributions made by late Sayyid Abdul Rahman Bafakhy Thangal to the lndian Muslims in their educational, cultural and social upliftment. The indefatigable spirits of Chappanangadi Bappu Musliyar and Panakkad P.M.S.A Pookoya Thangal led the Sunni Muslims of Valavannur to start this establishment as an asylum for the helpless orphans. On 4th April 1974 P.M.S.A Pookoya Thangal lnagurated this Yatheem Khana with 5l orphans. It was aimed at the rehabilitation and education of the society, economically, culturally and educationally alienated unfortunate orphans. Now about 113 children, including 76 orphans and 37 destitutes, get lslamic as well as modern education. This institution passes 38 years of glorious service to the community with more than a dozen of various institution comprising educational, technical and health services. Under these institutions VBY about 8000 students are studying and 500 people are employed. Considering the special suggestion of founding father Chappanangadi Bappu Musliyar no one is appointed to collect donations in India or abroad. Under the honorable presidenship of Sayyed Muhammed ali Shihab Thangal, panakkad,Valavannur Bafakhy Yatheem Khana marched ahead through the path of progress. This institution aims at advancement of education needs of backward communities, particularly Muslims of Malappuram Dist. and adjacent areas. Malappuram district on of the 44 district declared by the govt. of India as the most backward district in the country. The Muslim make up 75% of the district. The lack of good educational institution was one of the main courses of backwardness of Muslims here.

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